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Project Description
This EDF/EDF+ API is an implementation of the EDF/EDF+ Specificiation ( written in C#. EDF/EDF+ is commonly used for recording large amounts of health care data sampled at high frequencies (i.e. Polysomnography and Electroencephalogram).

This API Implements the following classes:

- EDFFile
- EDFHeader
- EDFDataRecord
- EDFSignal
- EDFLocalPatientIdentification
- EDFLocalRecordingIdentification

It is the goal of this project to provide a reusable C# API implementation of The implementation currently works with EDF and makes a lot of use of .NET Generic Collections, for example EDFFIle contains a EDFHeader and a List<EDFDataRecord>. The API could use a lot of imrpovement, see the Issue Tracker for details. It is the goal that this API would be helpful, and allow the community to improve it to better others working with EDF file formatted data.

For an introduction to how the API currently can be used, please see the "EDFApplication – Sample Usage and Tutorial – Modify/Create EDF File with selected Signals/Channels." documentation which is included with the solution files and source code; and has been uploaded as a Word document EDFApplication_ModifySaveEDFWithDifferentSignals.doc.

I hope you find this useful!

Pete Gordon

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